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Can pregnant people take Tylenol during pregnancy? More specific studies dig into the question

New study looks into safety of acetaminophen during pregnancy
New study looks into safety of acetaminophen during pregnancy 02:09

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - When a child is on the way, there are so many questions and cautions on how to keep mom and baby safe. 

A new study has come out that confirms what doctors have been suspecting but now they have the science to back it up. 

The focus is on what mom can take for headaches and pains and while it seems like we live in a barrage of studies - this is good, this is bad, etc... - this time around it's good news for mom's comfort. 

While pregnancy can be a time of great joy, it also comes with its more than fair share of aches and pains. 

"We tell all pregnant women, 'no ibuprofen [or] Motrin in pregnancy' because we know for certain that it has negative effects on the fetus and we've always said Tylenol is what you need for aches and pains," explained Dr. Grace Ferguson, an OB/GYN with Allegheny Health Network. 

Dr. Ferguson said in recent years, thanks in part to discussion on the internet, some reports have surfaced raising questions about Tylenol's safety. 

"[We've] had increased rates of some studies, it was ADHD, some others it was slower to walk some fine motor movements," she said. "I'll say they're things that make parents worry." 

Dr. Ferguson said the reports were wide-ranging and making questionable connections. So a new study was launched focusing on more specific issues. 

"Now we're just looking at Tylenol exposure in a much more controlled way," she explained. "In this study, there's no difference." 

So, she said should you feel comfortable taking Tylenol during pregnancy, it's OK because the alternative is that you just suffer from the pains of pregnancy. 

"There are so many moments in pregnancy where I really do ask women and birthing people to just suffer - but if you have a headache, if your back hurts, take a little Tylenol, get a little rest, take what you can," she said. 

Dr. Ferguson said like anything involving your pregnancy, don't hesitate to reach out to your doctor with concerns and questions. 

Bottom line: Tylenol is safe during pregnancy, but again - if you're taking a lot of it, talk to your doctor because there could be something else going on.

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