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Campaign 2020: Former Politicians Discuss The Impact Of Last Night's Democratic Debate

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)-- Former Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn and Former State Director Keith Schmidt talked to KDKA's Stacy Smith about the impeachment inquiry as well as the latest democratic debate.

Right now, it appears the House Intelligence Committee is wrapping up its impeachment inquiry, but have the Democrats made their case?

"I believe that they've proved purposes of impeachment inquiries and enough evidence to present articles of impeachment," said Burn. "...yesterday was the most compelling evidence that articles need to be drafted."

Schmidt disagreed saying, "I was expecting some sort of smoke and gun. At this point, I don't think there's anything that compelling that rises the high crimes and misdemeanors."

But when it comes down to it, this inquiry could either help or hurt the Democrats.

Since October, the percent of people who think President Trump should not be impeached has increased from 51% to 53%, according to the Marquette Law School poll in Wisconsin.

"In this case, the poll was done before yesterday's very compelling testimony. Let's see what that poll says in another week," said Burn.

In response, Schmidt said, "The American people are already becoming impeachment fatigued, these numbers are indicative of that. This has been a great boom for the President… he's using the impeachment as his fundraising tool."

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As for last night's Democratic debate, there were far from any fireworks from the forerunners.

Many think Mayor Pete Buttigieg made a valid point when he said, "Washington experience is not the only experience that matters."

"That statement last night I think is a paradigm of why we're seeing this spike… very good point," said Burn.

Regardless, national polls by Real Clear Politics show that Joe Biden is still in the lead with 30.7%, Elizabeth Warren follows with 18%, then Bernie Sanders with 16.7% and Pete Buttigieg holds fourth with 8%.

Although Sanders is currently in the lead among Democrats, Schmidt believes, "If [he] can't monetize it, it shows his support is wide, but it's paper-thin."

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