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Mysterious Footprints On Pa. Property Lead Couple To Call 'Godfather' Of Bigfoot Hunters

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A couple in Crawford County has called the godfather of all Bigfoot hunters to investigate their property, after finding what they believe to be mysterious footprints.

Keith Morgan and his wife, Robin, live in Cambridge Springs - a rural area of Crawford County about 15 miles north of Meadville.

Last fall, they say they saw an immense creature covered in black hair walk across their farm.

They claim it was more massive than a bear. So, they called T.J. Biscardi, whose father, Tom, has spent 50 years searching for the legendary Bigfoot.

The Biscardis checked Morgan's initial reports and are back in Cambridge Springs this week for a more in-depth investigation.

"Well, we're out here in Amish country in Pennsylvania. Me and the team are responding. We are going to be checking the whole area out. We got a lot of property to look at," T.J. said. "This is one of the pens where the creature was actually...they had to move the hogs out of here because something was coming in, climbing over the fence, killing the hogs and taking them out."

There is an entire team setting up bait and recording with thermal-image cameras.

"I want the reality to be seen as we see it. So, if we see it in real time as he records it, the whole world will get to see it in real time. So, it's not just stories. It's called reality," Tom said.

So what do you use to bait Bigfoot?

Biscardi's team hangs peanut butter and sardines from trees at a height that is too high for humans, but would be well within the reach of a massive creature.

Biscardi's crew also made careful note of the surroundings, taking pictures of sticks in unlikely positions and small trees twisted in ways they claim couldn't be caused by weather.

We will have to wait to hear the results of their investigation.

Meanwhile, the Biscardis are offering a $1 million bounty for information leading to Bigfoot's capture, or the delivery of Bigfoot itself.

It has already generated a lot of interest.

To report sightings, call the BIGFOOT HOTLINE: (816)-422-3364 and (816)-422-3394, or e-mail:

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