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Buyer Beware: Avoiding scams related to Girl Scout Cookie sales

What to watch out for when buying Girl Scout Cookies
What to watch out for when buying Girl Scout Cookies 02:44

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- It's Girl Scout Cookie season and the girls are doing all they can to support their adventures, but buyer beware, it seems like nothing good goes unscathed these days. 

The scouts are diligent to protect the integrity of their cookie sales, so there are some things you should watch for.

Girl Scout Cookies have been around for 106 years.

"When you purchase a box of Girl Scout Cookies, you're really funding her adventures throughout the year," said Emily Ruffing with the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania.

However, words of caution came after a father and daughter ripped people off on Long Island last year while collecting money going door-to-door for bogus cookie sales.

First and foremost, Ruffing says that if a girl is taking orders through an order form in-person, you don't have to pay until she delivers the cookies.

"We provide guidelines to the Girl Scouts, their families, and the troops, and adults must accompany them," Ruffing said.

"We do recommend that they're in their uniforms so that adds another layer of you know, it's legit coming from a Girl Scout and helps really identify them as a Girl Scout," Ruffing said. "Most of them, just, they love sporting their uniforms anyways and and rocking their Girl Scout attitude."

The Girl Scouts have progressed to taking orders online as well through their digital cookie page, which you need a specific link to access.

"So this phase, it should really just be coming from someone you know," Ruffing said. 

So be suspicious of any solicitation you get claiming to be the Girl Scouts, as an online link will only come from someone you know.

"They get to personalize their own website. They can post their goals they can upload a pitch video too," Ruffing said.

The girls really get into it and Ruffing says all of the proceeds go to benefit the girl's troop and council activities locally.

Personal sales are going on now and you'll get your cookies by the middle of next month.

Table sales take place in March and it all wraps up March 26. 

For more information from the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania, click here.

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