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Bundling Up In The Cold With Fab Accessories

By Brooke Keane

As temperatures drop, the number of items you put on before you leave home rises. Layering is key during the "Burgh's" winter months, not only for function, but for fashion as well. The best way to layer up when it's chilly outside is with accessories. These accessories can do more than just keep you warm, they can make you look sleek and stylish even when the snow is really cramping your style.

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Most of your body heat escapes via the top of your head, so hats are crucial to keeping in the heat. Knit hats are a winter staple, and this season, the chunkier the knit the better. Target always has a huge selection of winter accessories, the majority of them are knits that are both affordable and on-trend. Two other hat trends for this winter are structured, military-style hats as well as felt, wide-brimmed fedoras. Look for these trends at stores like Banana Republic and H & M as well as specialty boutiques like the South Side's Figleaf. You should expect to pay between $20-$60 for any hats.

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With the ability to spread through almost all the seasons, scarves are most prominent and popular during the winter months. Just as with knit hats, chunky knit scarves are hugely on-trend for this winter and a wide selection can be found at lots of chain stores around the area. The ever-popular pashmina is also a key winter item and can be found in its widest selection at one of the many outdoor vendors along the Strip District's Penn Avenue as well as accessory boutique, Charming Charlie. Be sure to pick a scarf or pashmina in a bright, eye-catching color to break up the typical blacks and grays so predominant during the winter. Fur is another hot trend for the cold months and a fur collar can not only add texture, style and an absolutely adorable element to your outfit, but it will keep you the warmest of all your scarf options. Prices vary depending on fabric and style of scarf but most will be between $15-$45.

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Frigid fingers are one of winter's worst aspects. Keep your flanges warm and cozy with sleek and trendy leather gloves. Most popular of all the leather glove options are those with some drama to them, whether with studs or fur, cut-outs or quilting, leather gloves are more ways than one. Macy's carries a wide selection of high-quality leather gloves and H&M will surely have some gloves with some added glamour. Leather isn't great for playing in the snow though, so if you're looking for something more playful, glittens are definitely the way to go. A fingerless knit glove with an attached pocket flap that when flipped over your fingers creates a mitten, "glittens" are a vintage-inspired trend that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. They also fall right in line with the chunky knit trends of the season and a selection of them can be found at Target for around $10 as well as high-end department stores like Nordstrom for about $50.

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Leg Warmers

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My personal favorite chilly trend, leg warmers add an element of texture and style to any outfit. Falling right in step with the chunky knit trends of the season, leg warmers can be worn in a funky, retro, 80s style with leggings and Chuck Taylor's or in a more sleek fashion with skinny jeans or leggings, tucked into boots. Most shoe stores offer a selection of leg warmers in different knits and colors, Payless being my favorite choice for an affordable (about $12) and quality selection of basics.

As always, if you're looking to cozily support your favorite team (a.k.a. the Penguins or the Steelers) a wide array of black and gold knits can be found in just about every corner of the city. So bundle up, layer up and dress up your look with chunky knits, sleek leather and warm fur this winter and you'll be sure to radiate some heat of your own!

Brooke Keane acquired a bachelor's degree in journalism from Pittsburgh's Point Park University where she served in several editorial positions on school weekly, The Globe. Since graduating, Brooke has blogged for online vintage clothing boutique Crazy Hot Clothes and tried her hand at some freelance work. First a writer and then a fashion-lover, Brooke can be found spending time at the mall, when she doesn't have her nose buried in an AP Stylebook.

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