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Bruno Sammartino Set To Be Inducted Into Wrestling Hall Of Fame

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Bruno Sammartino is returning to Madison Square Garden.

The legendary wrestler from Ross Township, who ruled the ring in the '50s and '60s, will be inducted Saturday into the WWE Hall of Fame.

He's also the "star" of a new music video. Ross Township attorney and producer Marty Lazarro co-wrote lyrics sung by Sputzy Saracino, as a tribute to his friend.

"I love the voice, the beat," Sammartino says. "And it's so unique because, he's telling my story. When I came into this country, I was a human skeleton – 14-years-old, 83 to 84 pounds. I experienced bullying because I didn't speak the language. You know how kids can be."

Watch the full music video here!

The boy who survived the Nazi occupation of Italy grew into a man who turned his life around. He became one of the strongest men in the world. He would sell out Madison Square Garden more times than anyone before or since.

And yet, when he retired, he says, "I thought, fine I'm very grateful, very thankful. Walk away. And I thought walk away, in a couple years who would remember your name, who you are."

Dr. Joseph Maroon

Instead, his legend grew. But so did his distaste for steroid use.

Sammartino refused induction into wrestling's hall of fame until he was convinced the game he loved had finally come clean.

"I said if these changes came about, of course, I would change as well," Bruno says. "Well, then I was put to the test. And I said yes, I meant it. And here I am."

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