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Broncos Coach Trying To Keep Steelers' Fans From Invading Denver

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Pittsburgh Steelers-Denver Broncos playoff game is just four days away, but there's already a plot underway to try to keep the Steelers Nation away from the game in Denver.

So, it's an away game. So, you only had a week's notice as to where and when it would be. So, the Broncos are telling their fans, don't sell your tickets to Steelers' fans.

Think that matters?

"I got online to get tickets for the playoff game, and I got through the entire checkout process until the end and it said because of my zip code, I would not be allowed to buy tickets from the Denver Broncos," said Dr. Ron Cypher, of Butler.

That would ordinarily be enough to convince some that it's not worth trying to make reservations for a trip to Denver.

After all, the Denver coach had this message for his fans.

"We've got unique fans here; I would encourage all of them to keep their seats so to speak and not sell any of them to Pittsburgh fans," said John Fox, the head coach of the Broncos.

But Denver reporters found out that Steelers' fans can make a deal if the price is right.

"So, fortunately I have a friend who lives out in Denver," said Dr. Cypher. "I called them and they purchased a ticket for us. I was able to get the ticket that way, so we kind of did an end run that way."

Dr. Cypher and his wife, Debbie, have traveled to cheer on the Steelers no matter where the game is.

He, as an obstetrician, has delivered more than fan support. He delivered Justin Hartwig's baby a year and a half ago. They also know how the Steelers Nation can change the atmosphere, especially at an away playoff game.

"It's amazing. When you go to a stadium and see thousands and thousands of black and gold towels going; it's just an amazing feeling and we've been to every away game," he said. "This will be our ninth year that we've been to every away game, so we really feel the fabric of how that works and it's just an amazing experience."

Some online tickets range in price from about $70 to about $900. Airline tickets seem to start at about $380 if you're still hoping to get to Denver this weekend.

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