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Coronavirus In Beaver County: Healthcare Workers Who Walked Off The Job Citing Unsafe Conditions Reach Deal With Owners

BRIGHTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) - Workers at a nursing home in Beaver County that was hit hard by coronavirus have reached a deal for better protection.

Some union healthcare workers at Brighton Rehab and Wellness Center walked off the job, citing unsafe working conditions.

In just one week, dozens of residents tested positive for COVID-19, and two died. As of yesterday, 34 residents had been diagnosed with coronavirus. The union said six of their workers also tested positive for the coronavirus and more tests are pending.


On Thursday, the union announced it reached an agreement with the owners to get more masks, gowns and testing for all employees.

"There's no messing around at this point. With over 20 cases positive and residents and several staff, this thing is going to spread like wildfire if it's not contained," Matt Yarnell, the union president, had told KDKA.

It was just last week, according to the union, when around 20 workers walked off saying conditions were unsafe. One woman told KDKA she was a frontline nurse and claims she was denied an N95 mask, even though she says the supplies were there.

People who have family members at the facility saw the staff shrinking, and some pulled their loved ones out for better protection.

"Well the nurse basically said that to me with 100% certainty, everybody is going to get it. How she knew that, I don't know but that was the final straw," said Connie S., who pulled her mother out of Brighton Rehab on Monday.

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