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Future of Brentwood EMS up in the air as borough reviews bids

Residents fight to 'keep Brentwood EMS in Brentwood'
Residents fight to 'keep Brentwood EMS in Brentwood' 02:49

BRENTWOOD, Pa. (KDKA) - The future of Brentwood EMS is on the line as borough officials consider a different organization to provide medical emergency services. 

"It just makes me sad that we could lose our little Brentwood EMS, which is wonderful," said Judy Dominici, who has lived in Brentwood Borough for 40 years. 

In meeting documents, it says Brentwood Borough invited firms to submit a proposal to provide emergency medical services in the borough in May. Brentwood EMS put in a proposal, but they have competition for the first time. Medical Rescue Team South Authority (MRTSA), which serves six nearby municipalities, also submitted a proposal.

Brentwood EMS is celebrating 45 years of service in the borough. Longtime residents are recalling times they called them for help, like when Judy Dominici fell and hit her head while walking her dog.

"I tripped on the sidewalk, fell and hit my head. My husband said, 'you aren't looking right' and called EMS and they were there within five minutes," Dominici said.

Erin Craven was her grandmother's caregiver for a few years. She said whenever her grandmother would fall, they would respond quickly.

"When she had fallen and broken some ribs, and she would fall, and they were always really quick, under five minutes, had her loaded up and on a gurney, and it was just nice knowing you weren't going to wait a long time to have help come and it was a comfort for my grandma," Craven said.

Brentwood EMS put up signs near their building that read, "Keep Brentwood EMS in Brentwood." They also shared flyers with residents to let them know they want to stay in the community they've been serving for 45 years.

The flyer reads in part, "If you would like to continue to have a local EMS service who is always prepared to serve our community, contact your local politicians to keep Brentwood EMS!"

"It's been here forever, and I've donated to them because it's such a good cause and they are just a great group of people," Dominici said.

"It's just nice knowing that having Brentwood EMS right here, we get to know them by name, you know them like almost like friends instead of just your paramedics or EMS workers," Craven said.

Jeffrey Kelly, MRTSA's Executive Director, said in a statement, "Medical Rescue Team South Authority (MRTSA) has served the communities of Baldwin Township, Castle Shannon, Dormont, Green Tree, Mount Lebanon, and Whitehall with pride and distinction. We understand the benefits that regional partnerships can provide when it comes to emergency medical services, and we look forward to our discussion with Brentwood Borough's elected and career officials about how MRTSA's regional partnership can benefit their community. Ultimately, whatever the outcome, they will make the decision they feel is best for their residents."

Borough council will interview Brentwood EMS and MRTSA during a meeting on July 11 at 7 in the evening. No word on when they will make a final decision.

Brentwood EMS is inviting community members to join them on the Fourth of July to celebrate 45 years and show support for their longtime EMS provider. The parade starts at 10 a.m.

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