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Power Outages From Sunday's Storms Cause First Unplanned Day Off For Breadworks In Over 40 Years

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - While Sunday's storms didn't last long, the fallout from them is still being felt on Monday.

The owner of Breadworks Bakery on the North Side said that a power outage meant they were unable to get bread made for their customers this morning.

It was also the first "unplanned" day off in 42 years.

According to Fred Hartman, the bakery was able to stay open, with a few modifications of course, during the pandemic.

But today was the first time he had to let his customers know there would be no bread.

It wasn't just the ovens that were affected by the outage, there are also precious dough starters in the coolers which also lost power.

"We have starters that we've been using for 25, 26 years, so we're trying to save all of that in coolers," Hartman said. "We got some generators that are keeping parts of the building on, like the coolers and some of the stuff that's fried. Trying to save all that tradition that is Breadworks."

Hartman said that Duquesne Light Company told him power wouldn't be restored until very late on Monday night.

In the meantime, his team is outsourcing more generators so they can fire up the ovens and not miss a second day of bread service.

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