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4 Brashear Students Face Possible Charges After Fight Injures School Officer

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Several Brashear High School students are facing possible charges after a school officer was injured breaking up a fight Thursday, officials said.

It was a chaotic end of the day as a fight broke out at Brashear High School in Pittsburgh's Beechview neighborhood. The fight was caught on video, and it has been making rounds on social media.

Amy Mackewich learned about the incident from her son, who is a student and saw the aftermath with police and EMS responding to the school.

"There's been no emails, no phone calls, nothing. And from what he says, there's fights almost every day. It's a constant battle at that school. It's scary," Mackewich said.

According to Pittsburgh Public Schools spokesperson Ebony Pugh, a school police officer was injured while breaking up the altercation. She said four male students are facing school-based disciplinary action and possible charges. Medics examined the officer on the scene.

"It's every day, you have to worry about sending your kids somewhere that's supposed to be safe," Mackewich said.

This isn't the first time a fight broke out at the school this year. Just a week ago, school officials said a Brashear High student was charged after punching a school officer while the officer was trying to "diffuse a verbal altercation."

"What we were talking about as parents, we're afraid that these officers are going to be afraid to intervene next time, and then what's going to happen to the children?" Mackewich said.

Mackewich fears the worst sometimes.

"Just that he's going to get involved somehow, get hurt, or not make it home that day. It's terrifying," she said.

While disappointed the school didn't contact parents right away, Mackewich believes there needs to be better communication so a solution can be found to stop the fighting.

"Let us know what's going on, let us know what we can do to help. I'm sure parents can help in some way," Mackewich said. "I think everyone just needs to start working together and reunite. They are one school, they should be together."

The school sent her a notice about what happened around 6 p.m. on Thursday. It said city police assisted and that fighting will not be tolerated at the school.

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