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Woman Awaits Preliminary Hearing On Animal Cruelty Charges After Allegedly Beating Dog With A Hammer

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - In just a week, a Brackenridge woman is set to go before a judge on animal cruelty charges.

Police say she killed her pitbull, and just a warning for readers, the details are disturbing.

According to police, the woman not only beat the dog with a hammer but did so in front of children...a traumatic experience.

Bianca Lee's boyfriend was at the store at the time and when he came back, he recalled the kids screaming and crying and that's when he found Lee covered in blood.

At first, he said he thought Lee cut herself and tried to help her clean up the kitchen but when he walked into the room, he found their pitbull beaten and bloodied on the ground.

Once police arrived, Lee apparently told them, "I got the dog, I killed the dog."

Neighbors in the area on Nelson Avenue say they've never heard of anything like this and condemn any type of animal cruelty.

Lee did have some injuries of her own and she was taken to the hospital to be treated.

Her preliminary hearing is set for Wednesday, but for now, she's being held at the Allegheny County Jail on $20,000 bond.

The children who witnessed the incident have been offered counseling.

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