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Boy Mauled By Relative's Pit Bulls In Washington County

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A boy is recovering after he was mauled by his relative's pit bulls in Washington County.

Braeden Fincik, 11, was celebrating beating his Uncle Nick at an XBOX game when something set off his uncle's two pit bulls.

"Just moving my arm and I guess the dog got scared and jumped at my head and bit me," he said.

One dog grabbed the boy's head. It took 13 staples to close the wound. Another pit bull sank its teeth into Braeden's stomach and groin.

The uncle's girlfriend's pit bull tore into the child's arms.

"It just kept biting me and I was trying to push them away," Braeden said.

Deanna Bundy, Braeden's mom, said the boy's uncle downplayed the injures.

"You said he got bit, you didn't say he got mauled," she said.

She says Nick Fincik coached her son in a lie.

"They were giving him the story to tell while he's laying there bleeding," she said.

"He said, 'We were walking in an alleyway and a pit bull just came out of nowhere and started biting me," Braeden said.

His mother learned the truth when Braeden told her on Wednesday. She wants the dogs put down and the adults held accountable.

Braeden is going through his second round of rabies shots and he will require physical therapy for his right arm.

Meantime, Nick Fincik, his girlfriend and their three pit bulls have disappeared.

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