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Man Dies In Storm Drain In Monessen

MONESSEN, Pa. (KDKA) - Investigators in Monessen are trying to figure out how a man ended up in a storm drain and died.

The family of Kevin Davis says they'd been looking for the 60-year-old all morning.

"We had been looking for him all night, since 1 o'clock in the morning. He said he was going to bed, and somehow, somebody wanted to check on him just to make sure he went to bed, and when they got down there, he wasn't there," said Davis' niece Tameika West.

The incident happened on Rebecca Street about 75 yards from his home.

"The bus driver drove past this morning, and they saw his leg and his arm sticking out of the sewage itself, and she started yelling and screaming, saying there was a man down there," said West.

Davis' Brother Marvin says what makes the loss of his beloved brother worse is that he had informed the city of the danger the washed-out sewer presented and nothing was done until Thursday afternoon. Monessen city workers surrounded the hole with cones and covered the washed-out area with steel plates. For Davis' family, it's too little too late.

monessen rebecca street storm drain body (1)
(Photo: KDKA)

"It was brought to the city's attention and we were told it would be repaired. Otherwise my brother might still be here," said Marvin.

Monessen mayor Matt Sharrow says he's reviewing the matter with city employees and the city engineer as there's still a lot of unknown facts.

kevin davis
(Photo: Provided by family)

Kevin Davis leaves his son behind. His family says they're now planning his funeral.

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