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Boat Team Rescues Driver Stuck In Floodwaters In Hempfield Township

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) - Flooded roadways created quite a few problems for motorists and Westmoreland County as Ida dropped heavy rain across the county.

A few found themselves stuck. KDKA's Ross Guidotti got a chance to talk to one of them after a boat team rescued her.

Mary Boggie is a Penn State student. She said she was heading home when she thought she could make it through a puddle that turned out to be a lot deeper than anticipated.

She was heading home from school when she found herself in a stalled car on Cribbs Station Road and Route 136 in Hempfield Township.

She's one of many individuals who found themselves in high water with automobiles that would no longer go. She said she knew she was in trouble when the car just died and the water started flooding her car.

Rescue crews got a boat out to her and brought her back to dry land.

"I was coming back from school, third overflowed road. I had thought I could make it through, maybe stayed on the edge of it. It didn't happen," she said.

She said she saw an SUV go through ahead of her so she thought she could make it, but her car is lower.

"Never again. Next time if it takes me 30 minutes longer to get around it, I'll go the 30 minutes," she said.

Mary's biggest concern is whether or not insurance will cover the damage. But given what could have happened, she's glad she's okay.

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