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Bloody Noodles, Spicy Chips: How iZombie's Liv Gets By On 'Brainfood'

Bust open a pack of "Spicy Chicken" Instant Noodles.
Pour on the boiling water, squirt on some hot sauce.
Top with chunks of….
Human brain.

Wait, WHAT?!

Relax, relax -- iZombie's Liv Moore has to eat brains to survive. If she doesn't, she gets: "dumber, meaner." But it's not something she's proud of.

Indeed, iZombie gives us a good, hard look at the un-savory diets of the dead. Liv can only taste food that's drowning in spices. So, she glugs hot sauce. She munches "Hellfire Cheese Puffs." She buys instant noodles of the very, very spicy variety.

And as her brain-heavy dishes don't exactly jive with the average American's dining preferences, Liv has to eat alone. Thus, she's robbed not only of her favorite foods, but also of the friends she used to eat with.

That's probably why it doesn't bother us to watch her nibble on a brain-and-hot-sauce pita pocket. And her brain-plus-fried-egg….mound? Doesn't shock the conscience.

Because we identify with Liv's mealtime misery, we can't help but laugh when her well-intentioned roommate brings back their "Potluck Tuesday" tradition.

Brain-less food plus an overbearing mother plus a former fiancé plus a jaded younger brother… all in the same room? Things couldn't get worse.

And that's exactly what's so fun about iZombie.

In all kinds of ways, Liv has hit rock bottom.

So, every time she invents a new way to cook chunks of brain? It gives her hope. It gives us hope.

Don't miss her next culinary brainstorm:
Tuesday @ 9pm.

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