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Bird Expert Says Eagle Eggs Will Be Fine In Cold Weather

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The famous bald eagles of Hays have begun a new family. The first egg has already been laid.

National Aviary bird expert Bob Mulvihill is a dedicated follower of our national symbol.

"They're up on that hillside," he says, pointing. "Steep slope."

A live camera, installed on a nearby tree last year, followed three eaglets on their fascinating journey through early life. Thousands of people tuned in each day for a bird's eye view of nature at work.

But this year, with temperatures dipping below zero, is there a cause for concern?

"The bird is on the egg, so it's being protected," says the Aviary ornithologist. "And that egg is able to withstand a degree of cooling, even if the bird should leave the nest. This egg is fine. And so we'll expect another egg to be laid in 24 to 36 hours, and another egg we're expecting after that."

He says they'll hatch in about 35 days.

Meanwhile, there are worries about an eagles' nest on the Ohio River in Crescent. It's built on the branch of an ash tree, threatened by an insect called the Emerald Ash Borer.

But Mulvihill says there's a good chance "that tree will survive long enough for them to get through this nesting season. If it doesn't, if that tree falls in a windstorm or something, to a certain point they're fine. These birds will re-nest."

Getting back to the weather issue, Mulvihill reminds us that human eggs are often frozen, and turn out just fine.

"This is springtime for bald eagles," he adds.

Check it out: EAGLE CAM!

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