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Bill Cowher: Noll Gave Me Great Advice

PITTSBURGH (KDKA 93-7 The Fan)-Former Steelers coach and CBS Sports NFL Analyst Bill Cowher joined Bob Pompeani Saturday to share memories of the late Chuck Noll.

Cowher told Pompeani about how he and Noll were on the same plane early in his coaching tenure.

"We're on a plane at the same time. I probably had about 25 questions," Cowher said. "As we start talking, his answers were very short. His answers really didn't give me a whole lot of insight. And he'd come back with more of a response of, 'How's your family? So tell me about your time in Kansas City.'"

Cowher says what he took from the conversation was that Noll didn't want him to have preconceived notions about the job, and it was one of the best pieces of advice that he ever received.

Cowher said that Noll had a way of keeping things in perspective.

"It's not for everybody, and if it's not for you, then find out what your life's work is," Cowher said. "And I always hear people somehow coming around to that same message and to me it was a great sense of perspective that he had and gave to people."

Bill Cowher: Noll Gave Me Great Advice

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