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"Biking For Baseball" Trip Also About Teaching Youth

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Biking and baseball!

It's not a combination you hear about very often, but four guys are traveling all over the nation blending the two hobbies together.

For months, the group has been biking miles and miles all across the country, stopping at every Major League Baseball stadium along the way.

"It's really quite a thrill," said Rex Roberts, of Biking for Baseball. "For any real baseball fan, it's definitely a bucket list sort of thing to see all the ballparks."

In St. Louis, they got to throw out the first pitch. But in each city, it's not just about the ballpark experience, it's about teaching. They are hosting youth baseball camps for kids of all ages.

"The most fun part is teaching kids how to play baseball because a lot of them that we met haven't ever put a glove on or swung a bat before," said Chase Higgins, of Biking for Baseball. "We are showing them the game we love so much."

For the four friends, the journey combines three passions: baseball, cycling and mentoring.

It's the trip of a lifetime that stretches a total of 11,000 miles coast to coast and in Canada.

"It's been amazing," says Steve Lunn, of Biking for Baseball. "It's tough to know initially when you head off, what it's going to be like; but we've seen so much of the country, worked with so many youth around the country, it's been incredible."

More Details:

"We spend 10 hours on the bike, and then at the end of the day, we are prepping to get to the next city, figuring out where we are going to stay, getting tickets and working with the MLB organization and working with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters programs," added Adam Kremers, of Biking for Baseball.

The guys visit PNC Park Friday night. After Pittsburgh, it's off to Cincinnati.

They wrap up their adventure in Boston at the end of September.

"We talk to other baseball fans at every stadium and I think every one of them says they are jealous of what we are doing, so we are very fortunate to be able to do this," added Higgins.

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