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Big Neil Diamond Fan Gets Special Treat At Local Nursing Home

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Singer Neil Diamond's distinctive sound has been winning followers for more than 40 years. One of those fans is Edwin Snider, a resident of Charles Morris Nursing and Rehab Center.

Since the real Neil Diamond wasn't available, a non-profit called Twilight Wish surprised him with the next best thing.

Chris Denem has been singing those songs almost as long as Diamond himself. The resemblance is uncanny.

"It fits good and the songs are fun," Denem says. "They're really fun songs to sing."

Ed Snider agrees, saying, "I've loved his since he started singing."

This is the 1,959th wish granted by the Twilight Wish Foundation.

"They need to be 68 years or older," says Twilight Wish leader Lisa Dalena, "and they had to have given back to their community at some point in their life."

Snider, 73, fits the bill.

As one person put it, "Ed has the ability to make your day by just being there."

Ed's wife, Henya, says happy music helps.

"There's always been the radio blasting at the house; in the car, it blasts even more. So, he just loves music," she says.

Which helps to explain his son, radio host Bubba, who planned the surprise.

"It's as if Neil Diamond was here," Bubba says. "And knowing what my dad's been through for the years, it's just makes me very happy that I could do this for him."

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