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Big Business Of Big Butts

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA)- It seems like everyone is obsessed with butts lately.

The Kardashians seem to be heading this movement, especially right now with Kim's new photo shoot.

But what is the reason for this obsession? NewsRadio 1020's Mike Pintek talked with society -- culture expert and psychologist, Dr. Anthony Napoleon to figure it out.

Napoleon says that it is happening because women are so competitive with each other.

"When thin was in, everyone ran to the plastic surgeon for corrective surgery, now that society has changed its norm, people are adjusting," Dr. Napoleon says. "There was a cultural change, the music scene changed, images women were shown and this is one of the reasons opinions shifted."

The real question is, how far will this go? Dr. Napoleon poses the question, when will full nudity be considered the norm?

One theory Napoleon had on why women are getting certain surgeries, and doing certain exercises is the "browning" of America.

Northern European and Asian women aren't built like African American or Latina women. Napoleon says there is even plastic surgery called a Brazilian butt lift to give you a fuller bottom.

Dr. Napoleon says society now idolizes a "voluptuous butt."

Napoleon also says don't be surprised if the fickleness of society shows itself soon and there will be a new trend in body image.

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