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President Biden, Senator Joe Manchin, And Congressional Democrats Close To Infrastructure Deal

WASHINGTON (KDKA) - President Joe Biden spent the weekend trying to unite moderate and progressive Democrats on his multi-trillion dollar social and environmental spending plans.

It appears those efforts are working.

Congress could pass the infrastructure plan in just a matter of days, meaning President Biden could sign it soon.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN that 90% of the bill is agreed to.

While it carried an original price tag of $3.5 trillion, it has been negotiated down to about $2 trillion.

The plan includes investments in climate change, fixing roads and bridges, education, and more.

Although the spending has been rimmed down, Democrats are still determined to provide free pre-kindergarten education, home care for seniors, and more affordable childcare.

It was on Sunday when President Biden pushed his agenda during a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Senator Joe Manchin at Biden's home in Delaware.

A White House Official says the gathering's goal was to try to come to an agreement on a major economic and climate package.

"It is less than we had, less than it was projected to begin with, but it's still bigger than anything we have ever done in terms of addressing the needs of America's working families," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said to CNN.

President Biden is calling on Democrats to come to terms on a deal before he heads off to Europe later this week.

Some Republicans do agree that repairing the nation's infrastructure is necessary but they are concerned about the price of the package.

Congress could agree on a bill as early as Wednesday.

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