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Bicyclist Recovering After Collision With Deer Sends Him To Hospital

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – He's beat up pretty bad.

Allen Kinkead, 65, has broken vertebrae in his neck and lower back – plus several cracked ribs, a slight concussion and an awful lot of road rash.

"I'm not able to do much of anything," he said. "I can walk, I can talk, I can stand. I can sit; although, the transition's a little rough, and I'm not allowed to lift anything heavy."

The injuries all happened Sunday morning during a bicycle ride along Jones Road in Penn Township.

Kinkead was about 20 miles into a trip with five other people.

In an instant, and out of nowhere, a deer darted across the road and slammed into Kinkead. He doesn't remember any of the impact, but his friends witnessed the whole thing.

"When I woke up on the pavement, somebody was standing over me and said, 'You were T-boned by a deer,'" Kinkead said.

Kinkead was flown to Allegheny General Hospital, and although he is covered in scrapes and bruises, he says it could have been much worse.

He says his helmet saved his life, and he still can't believe what actually happened.

"I've seen deer, I've had deer cross the road in front of me, but you don't, you just don't think of a deer running you over," Kinkead said.

The deer ran off after the collision. As for the bike, it's damaged and bent in a few spots.

Kinkead says he will be able to repair it – and once his body heals, he will be back out on the road.

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