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Better Business Bureau Issues Holiday Scam Warning

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Better Business Bureau is warning people about some of the most common holiday scams.

Experts say you should be on the lookout for fake package delivery emails.

It could be a phishing scam that gives hackers access to your personal information, or the information stored on your computer.

So, don't click on any package tracking links until you know the message is authentic.

Also, watch out for gift card schemes.

Thieves can use hand-held scanners or a smartphone to scan the back of gift cards while in a store, then steal the number once it has been purchased.

Buy cards from behind the counter instead, or look for ones with a scratch-off access code on the back.

If you're donating to charity, be sure it's an actual, legitimate organization.

The Better Business Bureau says, you should always research charities before you make a donation.

Experts also say, if you're getting a puppy for Christmas, you should be leery of fake breeders.

One sign that things are off is the fake breeder will often ask for adoption fees, shipping costs, insurance and vet costs up front.

You should always meet your future pet and the breeder in person first, before paying for anything.

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