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Bethel Park Couple Accused Of Drugging 1-Year-Old Child Multiple Times

BETHEL PARK (KDKA) -- Bethel Park Police said they found heroin, meth, and syringes mixed with a baby's belongings, and they believe the 1-year-old had drugs in his system multiple times.

No one answered at the door of 32-year-old David Bianco and 31-year-old Ashley Hammill on Sunday when KDKA knocked. The couple is facing endangering the welfare of children, recklessly endangering another person, and drug charges.

Their home in the 3200 block of Wellsview Road in Bethel Park is where officers found drugs they believe the couple's 1-year-old boy got a hold of.

"Thankfully we're able to intervene and put a halt to a lot of it," Bethel Park Police Chief Tim O'Connor said. "Over the years, it does take on police officers that have to deal with this on a regular basis."

According to the criminal complaint, twice this month, the baby boy was unresponsive, not breathing and taken to the hospital.

Both times Bianco and Hammill are accused of telling medics he was choking, but medics never found any signs of choking.

After the second hospital visit, the boy's urine was tested. Meth and fentanyl were allegedly found in his system. Medics notified Bethel Park Police, and officers arrested the parents.

"We hope going forward that the county authorities can get the child to a safe place," Chief O'Connor said.

He went on to say the boy is in a safe place right now.

Court papers say police found what they believe to be heroin, open syringe needles, and suspected meth in the home.

Investigators said there was no attempt to hide or secure the drugs from the 1-year-old child. Drugs were allegedly found in three of the home's four rooms.

"Disturbingly, they were able to find throughout the residence, including in the baby's room items of drug paraphernalia," Chief O'Connor told KDKA.

Both Bianco and Hammill have preliminary hearings on August 8th. At last beck, Bianco was still in the Allegheny County Jail while Hammill was able to post bail.

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