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Best Up-and-Coming Artists In Pittsburgh

Eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher David Hume wrote skeptically that "beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them." Henry Ossawa Tanner, Andy Warhol, Philip Perlstein, Virgil Cantini and Mary Cassat are all famous locals that emerged from Pittsburgh onto the art scene. To this day, some of the freshest and most imaginative artistic ideas continue to pop up in unique little venues all around the Burg. Do you prefer to collect a juried artist or one who has yet to be discovered? Here are some definitely worth checking out.
Art Market
Patrick at The Art Market (credit: Dev Meyers)

Artists at The Art Market
4128 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 621-2951

With most jobs in the disability community focused on assembly-line production, it is rare to be able to offer people the opportunity to generate income from their artistic abilities. The Art Market in Lawrenceville features affordable, handmade gifts and t-shirts ranging in price from $4 to $40. Purchases benefit artists with disabilities. Since opening in 2011, Milestone (the program for artists with disabilities) has featured the artwork of over 85 artists with developmental or behavioral health disabilities and also provided retail work experience to 15 others.

If you're lucky, you can stop in at a time when these artists are hard at work. One particular artist who has contributed to The Art Market's collection is Patrick. He demonstrated his artistic excitement with a nine-pointed star. On a recent visit, Patrick elucidated, "When I color it in, it will be beautiful and gorgeous. I've been thinking about this for a long time."

The Art Market also collaborates with artists outside of the Milestone network. Barbara Page is one of them. An assemblage artist, Barbara uses found objects to create biblical pieces. She said, "My assemblage work represents the veneration, reverence and awe that I attribute to the written, revealed Word of God, i.e. the Christian and Jewish Bibles. The form celebrates the content." See her collection here.

Chops Huber and Hot Toddy
Karl and Todd are nerds at heart, loving old comic books, sci-fi and horror movies along with everything else pop culture has to offer. They create monthly PU Pulp Posters that represent old-school comic book covers from the heyday of the art form. Most closely mimic the styles of the 1950's and 60's comics - horror, sci-fi, westerns, romance, etc. The posters are offered as freebees each month on the website. Some have a Pittsburgh theme. The Pittsburgh Underground website is also a gathering place for emerging artists all over the Burg. Hot Toddy said, "One of our main goals at Pittsburgh Underground is to connect artists with artists, and then directly to their audience. We encourage everyone to send us info on their projects whether big or small so we can get the word out on them. As Pittsburgh underground artists, we've come to the conclusion that there are a lot of really talented folks in our area. It's just that the communication between them could be better. Most of us are so busy creating what we love, that we sometimes get lost in what we do before we can unleash our creations on the world."
Yoga on the Square
Davis' stained-glass windows at Yoga on the Square (credit: Dev Meyers)

Daviea Davis
Pittsburgh Glass Center
5472 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 365-2145

Daviea Davis is a "self-taught master glass mosaic artist and teacher." Working out of a studio in her home in Edgewood, she creates everyday, unique, expressive, glass mosaic windows and happily invites anyone who wants to learn. At Regent Square's Yoga on the Square, 10 wonderful windows hang above the gleaming wooden floors and yoga students enjoy basking in the color-filled light. You're best bet for seeing Davis' stained glass is at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. However, her work can also be seen at other Pittsburgh locations like Pittsburgh International Airport, The Allegheny County Children and Family Court, The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and more.

Mel Griffin
(credit: Mel Griffin)

Mel Griffin

In a tight economy, the ability to combine function and art adds instant value. Perhaps that is why Mel Griffin was selected by the Society of Contemporary Craft as the 2011 Leap award winner. The competition is open to exceptionally-talented students and under-represented craft artists. Mel said, "through imagery and metaphor, line and clay, I am exploring the manner in which corporeal experience, mindfulness, memory and mood combine to create meaning in both everyday and imagined environments." Griffin's work captures and reflects elements of nature, animals and landscape and translates those themes onto useful pieces that will enhance your home decor. If you like to give the gift of art, this is an incredible option.

Warren Holzman
(credit: Warren Holzman)

Warren Holzman
Society For Contemporary Craft
2100 Smallman St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 261-7003,Warren

Whimsy. wonderment, playfulness and movement are words that come to mind when looking at the work of metalsmith Warren Holzman. He said, "the shapes and imagery I reference in my work repeatedly hearken back to a more mechanized time. The vast amount of metalwork from the age of machines that lies rusting on the edges of our urban landscapes has become embedded in my subconscious. I feel that these decaying monsters communicate an evidence of past economies, priorities and lives that embody the drama of ascension and decline that we experience today. By working in processes similar to the ones used to build these ancient beasts, I have forged a connection with them and their method of communicating visual ideas." A 2011 Leap award finalist, his work can be seen at Pittsburgh's SCC in the Strip District.

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A freelance writer and marketing guru, Dev loves all things Pittsburgh. She is also an avid collector of mid century modern copper jewelry and a Pittsburgh history buff. Her work can be found at

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