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Best Tailors In Pittsburgh

A great tailor should be on any fashionista's speed dial. Here are a few located in the Pittsburgh area that can get you out of a clothes emergency and into the spotlight.
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2603 Shady Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217
Phone: 412-422-6222

Don't let the unassuming storefront make you pass this shop by. Inside there is a fantastic tailor who does great work. When he's finished with your clothing it fits like a glove. Plus, men's suits appear as if they were handmade when alterations are completed, and to top it off, pricing is quite reasonable.

Irene's Tailoring

1833 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217
Phone: 412-521-7933

This is another little shop that you can walk by without noticing. The space inside is a bit cramp but you'll receive great service. Your requirements are noted and work is always shown to you for approval before leaving the shop. Irene can work with just about any material.

Rocky's Tailor Shop & Cleaners

5105 Liberty Avenue #1
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224
Phone: 412-682-5265

One stop shopping to fix and clean your clothing. If you have a favorite outfit you don't want to lose because it no longer fits, take it to Rocky and new life will be be breathed into it. Your clothing is always professionally done and alterations are delivered as promised.

New Oakland Tailor

234 Meyran Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
Phone: 412-682-8028

If you're looking for an honest tailor, visit this store on Meyran Avenue. Hole in your favorite jeans you want to save? A not-quite-right dress hem you need fixed? At an affordable price, you can get all this and more at this easy to find location.

Ianni's Tailoring & Cleaning

5835 Forward Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217
Phone: 412-421-4433

You know a tailor is great when a wedding dress can be trusted in their hands to become even more beautiful than you imagine. Plus, not everyone can do alterations on leather and suede clothing, but you'll get no complaints when your clothes are fixed here. This is yet another modest looking storefront that many people may pass by.

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