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Best Sandwich In The 'Burgh

Pittsburgh is known for its delicious, French fry filled sandwiches and there's no shortage of places to find that perfect sub or sandwich. Whether you're looking for meats, cheeses or fish, we've got you covered. Here's a look at some of our favorite sandwich spots.

3803 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

South Side
1832 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Cherry Way
411 Cherry Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Market Square
2 South Market Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Come on, everyone knows about Primanti Bros. sandwiches! It's the overwhelming favorite for locals and tourists! They're the ones that start with grilled Italian bread, then are piled high with French fries and topped off with cole slaw. "Their cheesesteak classic is my favorite," said a KDKA staffer." In fact, in over 25 years of eating there, it's all that I've ever ordered!" The original location is in the Strip District but the food is so fantastic it has grown to a string of successful stores. They're found all over the metro area. "Pittsburgh's famous sandwiches. Can't beat 'em!"

Squirrel Hill Location
1912 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Smallman Street Deli is a Pittsburgh staple. It's a full-service deli and catering company that can host parties up to 100 people (at the Squirrel Hill location). Menu items include: roasted chicken, grilled salmon, turkey and gravy and more. One KDKA staffer summed up the Smallman Street Deli like this: "Family owners. .. Great food… Great people." It's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Robinson Township
6501 Steubenville Pike

Ahhh, DiBella's Old Fashion Submarines. First, you'll notice the freshly baked bread that accompanies each stacked sub. Their bread is baked all day long to ensure the freshest product. In fact, DiBella's uses old-time baking techniques. Old fashion favorites include: turkey, ham, salami, capicola and a whole host of other meats and cheeses. If you're feeling extra special, you can ask for peppers and onions, too. But, don't forget the oil dressing! According to one KDKA employee, "Their sandwich oil is amazing!"

If you're a veggie lover, don't miss out on The Zenith in the city's trendy South Side. It's your spot for hummus, miso soup, tofu tacos and Middle Eastern stew. You can even try the "fish sandwich." "It looks, smells, and even tastes like a breaded fish sandwich, but is made of "tofu!' Even faked out my hubby!" said one of KDKA's resident vegetarians. The Zenith also features a tea menu and a Sunday brunch menu.

Wholey famous fish market is your one-stop shop for fish in the city. It began in the early 1900's and has grown as a family business ever since. There are a lot of great places to get a fish sandwich in Pittsburgh, but some say none can compare to Wholey's. "It's gigantic and outstanding every time. Perfect with a little tartar sauce, but it can stand on its own!" said one KDKA fish-lover. Wholey features wild-caught, smoked fish, fillets and crab legs. You can even shop online! Enjoy!

Stoke's Grill is located in the North Hills off of McKnight Road. If you're looking for a good sandwich, look no further. Stoke's features pretzel sandwiches packed with ham, roast beef, turkey and whatever else you like. It's also known for its homemade meatballs and marinara as well as something called the "Hot Chix." "Jason and Any have created something called "Hot Chix", which is chicken, an original buffalo sauce and blue cheese," said a KDKA staffer. Stoke's Grill is known for its friendly efficiency and can handle parties of up to 250 people.

Fat Heads is a unique experience! Located in the trendy South Side section of town, Fat Heads has a number of mouth watering sandwiches. "BIG Sandwiches & lots of choices. A favorite is the Beer Camp," raves a KDKA staffer. They refer to some of their sandwiches as "headwiches" because, well, they're the size of a human head. If you're extra hungry, you can try the Cool Colossal Club or the Artery Clogger. Fat Heads is sure to satisfy even the hungriest customer.

Looking for a big selection of sandwiches? Leo's Pub and Grill in Mount Pleasant is another KDKA favorite. "Extensive list of sandwiches and burgers… none will disappoint," says a staffer. A crowd favorite is the Sicilian chicken salad with house dressing. Leo's features over 40 homemade specialty burgers and if you need something to wash them down, they have 36 different beers on tap. Catering is also available.

If you're ever south of the city and hungry for a sandwich that is a bit spicy but sure to please, then head to Big Fellas in Canonsburg in Washington County. It is located on the main drag through town and features an eatery and a smoke-free bar area. "The Southwest turkey sandwich is to die for. It is just spicy enough and leaves you full and satisfied," says a KDKA turkey lover. This is also a great spot to get wings and pizza. The service is great and the prices are reasonable. "Definitely worth the trip."
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