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Best Running Clubs in Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh is a bustling city with many modes of transportation, hobbies and sport options, and running falls into all three categories. Focusing not only on fitness and being green, running is a social lifestyle. Whether solo or as part of a larger group, running clubs have become increasingly popular in Pittsburgh. These are five of the cities best.

The Greater Pittsburgh Road Runners Club
(724) 348-6012

Price: from $30 for basic/$44.99 to train for marathons

This club works in conjunction with the Steel City Road Runners Club, but offers an organization to get runners of any fitness level or capability moving around Pittsburgh. The Greater Pittsburgh Road Runners Club hosts dates every week for people to meet on one of the many trails around this mountainous town. Adding socialization and club benefits to the culture of running, the GPRRC gathers for dinner clubs, meetings and runners' events around Pittsburgh. Adding more than just running to the growing popularity of running in the 'Burgh, the GPRRC promises a common ground for all runners to come together and plan a party to celebrate their healthy choice and lifestyle.

Steel City Road Runners Club
810 River Ave., Suite 120
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 586-7785

Price: from $30 for basic/$44.99 to train for marathons

Steel City Road Runners Club aims to organize and give clarity to the culture of Pittsburgh runners. Offering a club to belong to for fellow 'Burgh runners to find someone to run with, places to shop, marathons to run, safety tips and other sources of information, this club's membership goes a long way. Be sure to check out its get togethers and events for the perfect Pittsburgh-area runners' experience every time.

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People Who Run Downtown
(412) 366-7458 or (412) 276-1800

Price: free

This club tries to incorporate everybody in the city. Open to all ages, fitness levels and abilities, People Who Run Downtown Club works to inspire everybody to get out and get moving. Held weekends and evenings during the week, it offers memberships for anyone looking to run solo, with the whole family or as part of a club. It's been around Pittsburgh since 1986. The club founder and president, Dale Schwab refers to the club as a casual group of runners. People Who Run Downtown is great for anybody looking to join a club, do some running and meet locals around the Pittsburgh region without paying membership fees.

Fleet Feet Sports
1751 N. Highland Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
(412) 851-9100

Price: free

The allure to the Fleet Feet Sports Club is the interconnected philosophy behind the club. Fleet Feet Sports is more than a shoe store, it works to motivate and connect individual runners with others around the country. Designed to give runners an exclusive experience, this elite group of runners, trainers and athletes works to make running a competitive sport. Being goal oriented is what running is all about in this club, and with the many trails and tracks to choose from, Pittsburgh is the best home for it.

Elite Runners and Walkers
4030 William Penn Highway
Monroeville, PA 15246
(412) 457-0474

Price: from $75 for basic membership

Incorporating a full lifestyle of fitness and running, Elite Runner and Walkers Club is for the serious runner. Offering everything from clothing to marathon sign ups, it requires a level of dedication and commitment from the local Pittsburgh runner that most of the other clubs do not. Taking on marathons for charity and local causes, Elite Runner and Walkers club gives heart to the culture of running in Pittsburgh. Local runners may pay for a coach to help them train for one of the many local marathons that inspire others to become involved. In Pittsburgh, running is not just a means to stay fit and get around, but also a goal-setting lifestyle.

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