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Best Places To See Ballet In Pittsburgh

Don't assume that all ballet dancing has to happen within the four walls of a proper theatre. These performances and classes throughout the Pittsburgh area will have you enthused about the beauty of dance. See a professional performance or partake in the activity yourself to test out your skills. This list highlights the best of ballet throughout this great city.
Kelly-Strayhorn Theatre
(credit: Kelly-Strayhorn Theatre/Facebook)

"Summer Stage - Contemporary Dance Camp" at The Alloy Studios
5530 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 363-3000

East Liberty's Kelly-Strayhorn Theatre is the perfect example of a theatre that also offers community-driven performing arts events. The theatre is home to an impressive schedule of community-driven dance classes and performances to help bring dance out of the theatre and into Pittsburgh's East Liberty neighborhood. Once a year, professionals, students and non-students alike can show off their moves at the "Bloom Summer Dance Party" that takes place in early June each year. However, come out and watch the kids at work at the concluding performance to their summer dance camp. Hosted on July 13 at The Alloy Studios, these youngsters will demonstrate the techniques they learned at camp for audiences to enjoy.

Ballet Performance
(credit: Thinkstock)

"Ballet Under the Stars" at Hartwood Acres
200 Hartwood Acres
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
(412) 767-9200

"Ballet Under the Stars" returns to Hartwood Acres again this year on August 16th. After last year's successful event, Hartwood Acres is hosting another repertoire performance by the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Not only is it free to the public, but it is outside at the main stage at Hartwood Acres, a stage normally only reserved for musical acts. Spend a nice summer night with the entertainment of beautiful ballet.

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Ballerina on stage
(credit: Thinkstock)

"Giselle" at The Benedum Center
237 7th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 456-6666

In the mood for a classic ballerina performance? Then the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's performance of "Giselle" is a must-see show.  On stage October 26th-28th, "Giselle" tells the story of a young girl in the middle ages and in true, whimsical ballet fashion, focuses strongly on themes of forest creatures, spirits and a dramatic love story. Billed by the PBT as a role that principle ballerinas covet, "Giselle" is well worth the price of the ticket just to see the near-perfect technique that is required of the ballerina who won the leading role.

Ballerinas in Motion
(credit: Thinkstock)

"The Nutcracker" at the Benedum Center
237 7th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 456-6666

Treat yourself and your family to THE cultural event of the season in Pittsburgh: The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's annual performance of "The Nutcracker." With the familiar music of Tchaikovsky's score as its backdrop, "The Nutcracker" performances showcase the best in dancing and stage and costume design. Performances will run throughout December, getting audiences ready for the holidays. Insider tip: be sure to wander around the theatre during intermission. Sugar Plum Fairies and even the Nutcracker himself have been known to mingle with show attendees and pose for pictures before the curtain goes back up for the second act.

Ballet Class
(credit: Thinkstock)

PBT School
2900 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 281-6727

Do all of these ballet performances have you motivated to tie on some ballet shoes of your own? Don't be shy. It's not as far-fetched as you might think. The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre offers adult classes for ballet enthusiasts who yearn to learn what it's like to dance on stage. Pay per class or buy a multi-class pass to develop some ballet skills of your own in the PBT's ongoing beginner, intermediate and advanced ballet classes.

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Sally Turkovich Wright lives in her beloved city of Pittsburgh with her husband, Jason and German Shepherd, Zeus. She is a policy analyst by training, an eyewear stylist by trade and an amateur healthy-living advocate by choice. She also writes a column for Twoday Magazine. Catch up with her there at

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