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Best Pet Shops For Reptile Owners In Pittsburgh

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Whether you are a seasoned reptile owner or one that is new to the ectothermic tendencies of reptiles, there are quality pet shops that will lead you through the nuances of owning reptiles. Be sure to choose a place that handles supplies, selection, food, enclosures, all at an affordable price.

Off The Hook Exotic Pets
926 Fifth Ave.
Coraopolis, PA 15108
(412) 262-4665

George Diaz, owner, is responsible for a top-notch shop filled with experience and quality service. There are six different breeds of reptiles, and Mr. Diaz knows the breeders, making for an easier and confident purchase. George mentions that he has an open door policy, and you can return the pet if there is a reason you don't like the pet. There are bearded dragons, Sonoran boas, Burmese pythons and ball pythons morphs, Chinese water dragons and Monitor lizards in a maze of colors that are ready for a new home. There is food, bedding, lamps, enclosures and UV lights to ensure the comfort and security of your new pet.

Wet Pets And Friends
3695 Washington Road
McMurray, PA 15317
(724) 942-4442

This pet shop is a family-owned business, and after viewing the displays, structure,  arrangement of supplies, reptiles and quality of products, it is apparent you will get the best of service. The overall selection of reptiles include geckos, green Anole lizards, water turtles, red-bearded slider turtles, snakes and a Russian tortoise. Be sure to look over the vast array of reptiles, and then head on over to the accessories for each pet. The reptiles are handled with care to make them suitable for a long haul, and you will find substrate bedding, decorative driftwood, food, lighting sources, containers, tanks and a thermometer to keep the reptiles in the best of condition. The aisles are conveniently stocked with all your needs, and the family and knowledgeable staff will provide the utmost in customer service.

Aqua-World Pet Super Center
8143 Ohio River Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
(412) 732-9100

In Aqua-World Super Center, Ron will direct you to a spectacular assortment of pets. The reptile guy, Eric, has the knowledge and experience and enthusiastic demeanor to take you into a world of awe-inspiring reptiles. There are green iguanas, Monitor lizards, bearded dragons, boas, leopard geckos, chameleons and a red iguana inherent to the Galapagos Islands. If you are in need of a special choice of pet, Ron, Eric and the experienced staff will find it for you. The shop has an ongoing selection from breeders, so you will have to check back often.

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South Hills Exotics
(412) 403-1800

Make sure you give Ray a call to find a pet, and he will ship your pet direct to you. After viewing the extraordinary selections, you will see why Ray enjoys working with animals. What started as a hobby has turned into a massive assortment of exotic selections. Ray comments that many pet stores give you the wrong information and want you purchase expensive accessories. The seasonal breeding offers a chance to purchase geckos, blue-tongued skink lizards, Monitor lizards, boas, ball pythons, water dragons and dwarf caimans.

Mike's Reptile Life
1005 Warrendale-Bayne Road
Wexford, PA 15090
(412) 628-5851

With 30 years of experience in the breeding procedure, Mike sells pets that are docile-friendly. Interacting with kids and their families is a vital part of his experience. The selections include bearded dragons, leopard and crested geckos, blue-tongue skink lizards, Timor Monitor lizards and dwarfs that are around two feet. He is interested in rescue rehabilitation and will help with setting up of tanks and food sources. His experience in teaching, shows and education is a valuable learning tool for all ages.

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Gerry Cernicky is a retired health and physical education teacher with 36 years of experience. He is a former teacher of the year and a sports writer for the Vandergrift News. He delivers podcasts, and maintains a website and blog. He currently resides in Pittsburgh. His work can be found at

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