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Best Local Bloggers In Pittsburgh

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A blog is a website that maintains ongoing chronological information and is an abbreviated version of a weblog. Blogs can be personal, political and specific to one subject or a range of subjects. They focus on a topic in one particular area providing perspective in diary-like entries. To stay in the know in the Pittsburgh region, keep up with these local blogs that have all of the information you could ever want.

'Burgh Living
Erin Marton

This blog offers a love story about Pittsburgh and all of those who call it home. It attempts to answer the question: Why Pittsburgh? The blog focuses on local interest ranging from community festivals to zoo activities. Erin is an independent consultant for local companies that are looking to expand their reach through social media and online marketing. You can find Erin interviewing local businesses, showcasing ongoing programs and staying up to date on business and 'Burgh living.

The Pittsburgh Kitchen
Laura Kuster & Michelle Nyugen

The Pittsburgh Kitchen is a group recipe blog. It is maintained by Laura Kuster and Michelle Nyugen, but they are always looking for contributors. Potential contributors can submit their recipe via the website. The topics include food, cooking and recipes. The blog was started by friends wanting to stay in touch after graduation with those who moved away and those still in Pittsburgh. You will also see occasional pics of Twilly the dog who has become the page's furry little friend.

Red Pen Mama
red pen mama (rpm)

The Red Pen Mama is a blog full of personal observations, experiences and rants of a self-professed writerly-type mom. She blogs about food, work and family life, politics, her children, books, movies and TV, and living close to her favorite city of Pittsburgh, PA. She is a 40-something stay-at-home mother of four children. Her professional experience includes freelance writing, copy editing and graphic design.

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Destination Pittsburgh
Heather Kunkle

This blog is intended to showcase the attractions and restaurants of Pittsburgh. It is a way for people who are unfamiliar with the area to gain some insight into places that they may miss or overlook. The blog pairs a restaurant with an attraction so it can be made into a visit or longer day/night event. This offers a perspective when you are not sure what to do or where to go. The author is Heather Kunkle who was born and raised in Pittsburgh. She is currently pursuing a public relations degree at Kent State University. The creation of the blog started when she was bragging to classmates about her beloved hometown. As a result, she started a blog to showcase the city.

Venture Outdoors
Venture Outdoor Staff

The Venture Outdoors blog connects Pittsburgh people with outdoor activities. The topics covered are sports, family, lifestyle, Pittsburgh, outdoors and local interests. Outdoor events such as beginner bike riding on the Allegheny River Trail are posted. The perspective offered is getting outside and exploring outside activities. Showcased on the activities area include outdoor local groups such as the Pittsburgh TriAnglers that have been fishing the Allegheny River near PNC Park for years.

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