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Best CrossFit Studios In Pittsburgh

CrossFit Workout
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The latest craze to hit the world of fitness and athletic training is known as CrossFit. Characterized by high-intensity, metabolic conditioning and Olympic lifting workouts, CrossFit implements a vast array of training equipment. Kettle bells, medicine balls, barbells, gymnastic rings, jump ropes and body weight resistance all come together in an ever-changing workout routine that can be completed in about 20 minutes. The program is designed to be a dynamic and constantly evolving string of continuous exercises, marked by little or no recovery time in between. By keeping your body guessing as to which muscle or muscles will be targeted next, CrossFit training makes each workout a unique experience. In other words, the workouts never get stale or monotonous. To get started on your own athletic journey, check out any of the gyms on this list. Here are the Best CrossFit Studios in Pittsburgh.

CrossFit Pittsburgh
1351 Washington Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 735-9141

Price: $95 monthly 12 sessions (three per week)

Each Saturday morning at 9 a.m., CrossFit Pittsburgh holds an open workout of the day. The WOD serves as an introduction to CrossFit training for interested beginners. Simply follow the day's workout and if you're interested in continuing the program, sign up for the next step, the on-ramp. The facility is open six days a week and averages four classes per day.

Ryer Martial Arts Academy, Inc.
5440 Centre Ave.
Second Floor, Shadyside
Pittsburgh, PA15232
(412) 621-7937

Price: $199 for 12 sessions

What began as a student organization at the University of Pittsburgh is today one of the premiere martial arts and fitness training facilities in the city. It specializes in training programs for all ages and skill levels. Everything from karate and cardio kickboxing to yoga and CrossFit training is handled by the experience staff of Ryer Martial Arts Academy.

Crossfit Confluence
910 Galveston Ave.
Pittsburgh PA 15233
(412) 551-9344

Price: $99 monthly (eight sessions at two per week)

Patrick Benton, the owner and head trainer at Crossfit Confluence, started his training facility with an eye towards setting it apart from the competition. After observing many of the shortcomings of more traditional gyms where he had worked out, he decided to offer a program that maximized results through a combination of first-rate training and coaching in a community setting. By implementing this goal, he has allowed Crossfit Confluence to set a standard for fitness training in the past four years.

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Integrated Fitness
2825 S. Park Road
Bethel Park PA 15102
(412) 254-3488

Price: $115 monthly/unlimited kettlebell sessions

Integrated Fitness is owned and operated by Jim Crowell and Josh Bobrowsky. They have designed a series of all-inclusive workout programs that maximize physical and mental toughness. With two locations, the individually designed workouts are a blend of yoga, weight training, CrossFit and sport-specific training programs. The pre-requisites they require of interested athletes are a willingness to learn and dedication to their program. All ages and skill levels are welcome at both of the Pittsburgh area's Integrated Fitness facilities.

R.A.W. Training Facility (Wildwood Sports Park)
2330 Wildwood Road
Gibsonia, PA 15044
(412) 559-4479

Price:$120 for 10 sessions

The staff at R.A.W. Training invite all new-comers to the Gibsonia gym to realize the athlete within. Small training groups meet six days a week at the Wild Wood Sports Complex in disciplines that include kickboxing, CrossFit training, boxing, strength training and other specialized R.A.W.-designed workouts. The CrossFit training sessions revolve a workout of the day and are similar to other CrossFit regimens in that they are high intensity and always changing.

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