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Best Cars For New Families

When your family grows from two people to three, your '01 Corolla or two-door performance car might not continue to meet your needs. Here are some new cars to consider that will offer the space, comfort and safety your family needs.

2015 Honda Fit: $15,525

(Photo Credit: Honda Motor Co.) (Photo Credit: Honda Motor Co.)

The space-efficient Fit is the smallest family-friendly car you can buy. A subcompact five-door with more interior room than even some crossover SUVs, it also offers the value, fuel-efficiency and maneuverability of a great economy car.

2014 Subaru Forester: $21,995

(Photo Credit: Fuji Heavy Industries) (Photo Credit: Fuji Heavy Industries)

One of the class leaders in room, safety and fuel-efficiency, the Forester – a compact crossover SUV – is one of the best family cars if you need more room than a Fit but not three rows of seats.

2014 Honda Accord: $21,955

(Photo Credit: Honda Motor Co.) (Photo Credit: Honda Motor Co.)

The Accord midsize sedan can't match the versatility of a hatchback, station wagon or crossover, but it's posher and more fuel-efficient than a similarly priced Forester, while also very comfortable and safe.

2014 Honda Odyssey: $28,825

(Photo Credit: Honda Motor Co.) (Photo Credit: Honda Motor Co.)

You don't need a ton of space for a family of three, but if you're already planning ahead for your family to grow, nothing beats a minivan, and today's best minivan is the Odyssey. It has class-leading fuel economy and safety ratings, it's the only van that fits three child seats in the middle row and – if you opt for the fully-loaded model – it even gives you a built-in vacuum cleaner.


2014 Hyundai Santa Fe: $29,900

(Photo Credit: Hyundai Group) (Photo Credit: Hyundai Group)

If you want a three-row family car but can't stomach a minivan, the Santa Fe large seven-passenger crossover is a viable alternative. You don't have nearly as much cargo space, but you get similar levels of comfort and family-friendly features.

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