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Best Breeders In Pittsburgh

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Here is a list of the city's best breeders, which exhibit knowledge and care of the breeds they are breeding, training and selling. Everybody has heard horror stories about terrible breeders, but with the right amount of research and investigation top notch breeders can be the top choice for pet lovers.

Kinneman Pitbull Kennels
3401 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 498-1760

A wildly popular breed with a sometimes misunderstood personality, pitbulls are available at local Pittsburgh Breeder Kinneman Kennels. Showcasing their Monster G Line of Blue Pitbull's this breeder takes great pride in the puppies they breed. Complete with UKC papers and puppy registrations these animals are top of the line purebreds. Kinneman also has adults for sale if owners are looking for a Pit Bull without all the new puppy smell. Everything from facts to histories to weight standards, this breeder is a resource for all shoppers interested in pitbulls.

Coal Hill Mastiffs
235 Shaler St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15211
(412) 431-2246

Mastiff's are the hugely lovable and often mistaken for a variety of other breeds. However, their unique style and long ancestry makes for a wonderful family companion. Coal Hill Mastiff breeders began in 2002, but has experience as far back as 1990 with this particular breed. Raising them in their own family, this breeder knows every member of the family in the Mastiff's they sell and can give a clear portrait of the puppy anybody chooses. Their puppies are "clear of genetic disorders" and can furnish the documentation to prove it.

Kingridge Kennels
2222 Kingridge Circle
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(724) 561-9808

If Labrador Retrievers of every specialty and kind are your thing, then so is Kingridge Kennels. They have a unique approach to breeding their first class Labrador's and with traceable lineages and perfect pedigrees.

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Canine Concepts
1418 Frey Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
(412) 448-8544

Established in 1989, this company takes the extra care to breed dogs that will connect with their owners. They conduct pre interviews, do thorough relationship building between the new owner and the pet and continue to stay in contact with them. Canine Concepts takes breeding seriously so that the owner and the pet will go on to have a successful and happy relationship.

Walters Collies
Seward, PA
(814) 446-6790

Just outside of Pittsburgh and serving all of the Greater Pittsburgh Area, this local breeding couple has top of the line Collies to breed. Known for their intelligence, Collies make a wonderful companion for any household. Fond of people, exercise, play, games and adventures Pittsburgh and Collies seem like a natural duo. Archie and Pamela Walters have over 25 years of experience with their breeding of collies service and have a wealth of knowledge on the animals and their service. Check out their website, but also schedule an appointment to meet their wonderful pets and quickly see why Collies are a unique breed that make for wonderful companions.

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