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Best Adult Computer Classes In Pittsburgh

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As technology has taken on a bigger role in our daily lives, so has the importance of knowing how to use it. While knowledge of computers was once a plus in the job market, it's now become a necessity for many careers, making computer proficiency even more important. And though the younger generation has a reputation for being more technologically savvy, especially as schools teach computer classes, that doesn't mean adults of all ages can't master it, too. Fortunately, Pittsburgh has plenty of computer classes for adults, no matter your skill level or needs. From the basics to in-depth classes on specific programs, from free to paid, here are the best adult computer classes in Pittsburgh.

Carnegie Library
4400 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 622-3133

Carnegie Library's Job and Career Education Center offers plenty of free computer classes, and you can take up to four classes a month. A wide variety of classes is offered; their Computer Basics course teaches those completely unfamiliar with computers what the components are and how to use them, while the Apple Computing Basics class teaches students how to use Apple computers. They even offer classes in Gmail, Google Drive and internet safety and security. Students are asked to register at least 48 hours prior to a class to guarantee a seat, although scheduling two weeks in advance is preferred. Visit their website for the full list of what they offer.

Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council
411 Seventh Ave., 550
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 393-7600

In addition to their classes in basic skills and GED preparation, the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council offers multiple computer classes. Their Workforce Preparation class teaches adult students to become computer literate, as well as helps with obtaining GEDs and job preparation. Various classes in their Computer Skills Training set deal with the basics, internet for beginners and software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Classes are free, but donations are welcome. To enroll, contact GPLC.

Northland Public Library
300 Cumberland Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(412) 366-8100

Pittsburgh's Northland Public Library offers a number of computer classes, from the basics to multi-part courses in software like Excel and PowerPoint. They're also teaching students to keep up with the latest technology with Introduction to Cloud Computing; they even offer a class on how to use a tablet. But if attending a physical class doesn't fit in with your schedule, Northland Public Library also allows you to learn about computers from home with a series of free videos. For more information, including how to register for classes, contact the library.

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595 Beatty Road
Monroeville, PA 15146
(724) 327-1327

While CCAC helps provide a college education to young adults in the community, they also offer various community-education services, including classes on business, languages, cooking and more across multiple local campuses. As for their computer classes, CCAC covers everything from the basics to multiple classes in Excel, and they even offer classes in using Photoshop or designing a website. Class pricing, location and times vary. For a full list of what they have to offer, as well as where and when classes are held, consult their full schedule of classes. They also offer online classes.

New Horizons
3 Parkway Center, Suite 103
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
(412) 920-5100

New Horizons is a local company specializing in computer training and certification, going above and beyond mere basic skills training; they also offer career-specific classes and certification in areas such as SharePoint and SQL. They even offer various types of classes to match your needs, whether you prefer online classes, instructor-led training, private classes or free webinars. Most classes are all-day sessions, and pricing depends on the class. To see all New Horizons has to offer, consult their schedule.

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