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Humane Officials Discover, Seize Illegal Wolf Hybrids During Bentleyville Raid

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BENTLEYVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) -- Allegations of animal abuse led humane officers to a shocking discovery during a raid in Washington County.

Wolf hybrids were among nearly a dozen animals seized from the raided home in Bentleyville on Wednesday. The Pennsylvania Game Commission says many of the animals were mistreated.

Eleven animals were seized from a home on Spring Street. Officials say many of them were terrible condition.

"They did not have any food out. There are bags of food in the house," said Officer Richard Joyce, of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. "There was no readily available water for any of the animals downstairs, at all, where they were caged up."

Washington County humane officers and state Game officials raided the home around 9 a.m. after getting reports that the homeowner, identified as Fred Framelli, had illegal animals inside.

State Game Commission officials say that's exactly what they found.

"There are three hybrid wolf-dogs as we speak, that we know about, at this time," said Officer Joyce. "Any wolf hybrid is illegal in Pennsylvania under Title 34 of the Game and Wildlife Code."

The remainder of the dogs found are mostly German shepherds. Julie Froats, from a German shepherd rescue group from the eastern side of Pennsylvania, will take custody of those dogs.

"We will make sure that they get the proper home according to their individual needs and temperaments. Some of them, hopefully, most of them, will get into a foster situation," said Froats, of the Charwills German Shepherd Rescue.

The wolf hybrids will be heading back to where they came from.

"The wolf hybrids are going back to, we're going to try to get them back to Ohio, to the breeder," said Officer Joyce.

Framelli now faces multiple charges, including importation of illegal exotic animals, as well as potential animal neglect counts

For neighbor Abby Plumley, who recently had to put her own dog down, watching what was happening up the street was heartbreaking.

"To see the animals not being cared for like that, it really hurts because someone else could have been taking care of them and feeding them and making sure they were healthy," she said.

Humane officials say they hope the judge overseeing the case will not allow Framelli to have any animals until the situation is fully adjudicated.

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