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Cincinnati Bengals Season Ticket Holder Living On Roof Until First Victory Of The Season

MILAN (KDKA) -- A dedicated Bengals fan has been living on a roof for over a month, and will stay there until his team wins.

Jeff Lanham, 42, who owns the Hog Rock Cafe in Milan Indiana, has been stuck on the roof as Cincinnati continues to lose. The Bengals season ticket holder decided to vow to live on the roof of the restaurant in week 5 of the NFL season, when Cincinnati took on Arizona. According to the Washington Post, Lanham took to the roof when the Cardinals beat the Bengals 26-23 on October 7th, and he has been living there since.

"The #JeffLanham days on a roof count is at 46 @Bengals DO SOMETHING"

The Post reports Lanham spends around 23 hours a day in the 12-foot-by-10-foot roof tent, which includes a flat screen TV, heater, clothes, food and a cot with a sleeping bag. The only time he leaves the roof is to use the restroom and to shower inside the restaurant.

Lanham is catching national attention for his campaign to stay outside until the first win.

"Would you sleep on the roof for your team? Jeff Lanham is. Come on, @Bengals! #DoItForJeff #ChampionsOfChunky"

Plenty of fans want to see Jeff leave the roof soon, saying the Bengals are doing him a disservice.

"Hey @Bengals seems pretty unfair to not win a game and keep Jeff Lanham living in a tent on top of his bar until you do. What if you don't win a game this year? You really gonna let this man live in a tent until next football season? Not classy, @Bengals. Not classy at all."

The Bengals are 0-10 heading into the home matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Could this be the week Lanham can leave the roof? The Steelers and Bengals kickoff at 1:00 p.m. on KDKA-TV. Catch full coverage of the game with Steelers Kickoff at 11:30 a.m. and two hours of postgame coverage following on KDKA.

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