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Beaver County Receives More Than $10 Million For Struggling Renters

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. (KDKA) -- Some people are already strapped for cash because of the pandemic.

And in just one week, they are about to be served with another blow. That's because the federal ban on evictions expires on March 31.

But just as those final notices are about to start hitting the table, there is hope for some Beaver County residents.

The county was recently allocated $10.7 million through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. This funding is specifically designated for renters to cover rent and utility costs.

The Beaver County Community Development Program received the money and outsourced the Franklin Center in Aliquippa to process applications, which can be accessed here.

People must produce documentation proving they sustained loss or reduction of income and are on the verge of homelessness because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Leaders told KDKA the need for this funding is great.

"I think this will go a long way in helping those people to alleviate their arrearages and not have to decide whether they should pay rent or buy medicine or buy food for their children," said Marlene Landrum, the director of community development for Beaver County.

Those who have been unemployed for more than 90 days or fall below 30 percent of the median area income are being prioritized. The program will end once the funds dry out.

It could take an estimated three weeks for people to receive their money once approved, Landrum said.

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