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Beaver County Fire Departments Rescue Fallen Horse

BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) -- A compelling rescue took place Tuesday in Beaver County.

Several fire departments responded to a call of a horse in distress. The Darlington Township Volunteer Fire Department, along with three other area fire companies, responded to a mission of mercy at a farm on Constitution Boulevard.

Leggs, a beautiful 32-year-old horse belonging to Emily Lesko, fell outside in the bitter cold and could not get up.

"I was looking out the window and it looked like he was rolling and the next thing I knew he couldn't get up," Lesko said.

Fallen horse
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Firefighters comforted the horse while the animal was on the ground, massaging him and warming him in an effort to calm him during the ordeal.

It then took a group effort. Firefighters used a bridle and lead on the horse's head and a lift strap from behind.

A veterinarian gave the animal steroids before moving him. Slowly, rescuers used their own body weight to lean in and stabilize the horse.

The horse then got his own legs underneath him and eventually walked to the barn, where he was vet checked and warmed.

"If they wouldn't have come, we would have lost him because he wouldn't have made it. I can't thank them enough," Lesko said.

It took a lot of compassion and patience from the Potter, Daugherty and Big Knob volunteer fire departments to get Leggs off the ground.

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