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Police: Baden woman arrested after husky left outside dies from heat

Police: Baden woman arrested after husky left outside dies from heat
Police: Baden woman arrested after husky left outside dies from heat 02:34

BADEN, Pa. (KDKA) - A woman is facing charges after the Beaver County Humane Society said a dog left outside during a heat advisory had to be euthanized. 

Baden police said they got a call about a husky that was reportedly tethered outside with a muzzle and no access to shade or water on Wednesday afternoon when the heat index reached 100 degrees. 

The dog was taken to the vet but had to be euthanized due to suspected heat stroke, police said. 

The humane society said Di Xiao is facing two felony charges of aggravated cruelty to an animal and four misdemeanor counts of cruelty and neglect to animals in connection with the dog's death. 

"She is responsible for the death of that dog. Absolutely in my mind," said neighbor Eda Giordani.

Giardani said she knew her neighbor's husky was in trouble.

"I called the humane society over six months ago because neighbors were saying the dog cried, was without water," said Giordani.

Beaver County Humane Police Officer Tristan Wenzig said he did go to the house about a year ago for a complaint.

"The dog was supposedly living outside in bad conditions, but during my investigation, I didn't find anything wrong. I found a very healthy, fun-loving dog that knew a lot of tricks," said Wenzig.

However, what Wenzig saw Wednesday was a different story. He said the dog was found unresponsive, tethered, with a muzzle on its snout. There was no water outside and no shade for the animal.

Xiao was ordered to take her pet to the vet. Police said the dog's internal temperature didn't initially read because its temperature was so high. The reading eventually came back at 109.3. Xiao told Wenzig she hadn't checked on the dog for two hours. He said she violated the state's Libre's Law.

It's illegal in Pennsylvania for a dog to be left outside for more than half an hour when temperatures are 90 degrees or higher, and dogs must have access to water and shade, the humane society said. 

"This circumstance when I previously went to this home before a year ago, I did educate her on the law. I did tell her anything under 32 degrees and anything above 90 degrees, the dog needs proper shelter, water and sustenance if it's out here longer than 30 minutes," said Wenzig.

He said while this was the worst heat-related call they got on Wednesday, they got several others about dogs left outside. 

During hot weather, the humane society said owners should keep their dogs indoors, give them water and shade, avoid hot cars and hot pavement and keep an eye on outdoor animals. 

If you see a similar incident, the humane society said its officers can be reached Monday through Friday 9 to 5 at 724-775-7501 x110. If it's during their off-hours or it's an emergency, call 911. 

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