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Beaver Co. Hit-And-Run Victim Speaks Out

BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) – A man is accused of injuring two people in a hit-and-run in Ambridge early Sunday morning, because he was upset he was rejected from a bar.

It happened outside of the Colonial Grill on Merchant Street around 1:30 a.m.

Police say the driver was barber shop owner 45-year-old Anthony Perri, who is well known in the community.

But police say before the incident, he was highly intoxicated.

One of the victims spoke to KDKA, after damaging both of his knees and suffering several bumps and bruises.

"What did I really do to you to really try to hit me with a car?" said Wally Ridout.

Ridout said he and another person were hit when a driver ended up on the sidewalk.

Police say Perri was drunk when he approached the bar owner, trying to get inside.

"The two individuals that were ran over and the bar owner were standing outside talking," said Ambridge Police Chief James Mann, "and there was some type of altercation that happened. Mr. Perri got out of the car, he had some words with these three individuals."

Witnesses say Perri got back into his car and started spinning his wheels, before driving on the sidewalk, hitting Ridout and 26-year-old Cedrick Davis.

"I don't remember the car actually hitting me," Ridout said. "Like, I just remember the car being in front of me and I remember jumping in the air."

Police Chief Mann says Ridout flew up in the air like a ragdoll.

"It's just unbelievable he didn't have any life-threatening injuries or anything," Mann said.

Police say Perri eventually ditched his car and fled on foot. Police tracked footprints in the snow around his house and inside – but Perri wasn't there. After issuing a search warrant for his arrest, police say they received a call from Perri, claiming his house had been burglarized.

"He sees the officers at his residence, he knows that they're chasing him and why he would return home and call police to report a burglary is just bizarre, just like his actions," Mann said.

Neither victim suffered life-altering injuries.

Perri is charged on multiple accounts and is currently locked up in the Beaver County Jail.

Beaver Co. Hit-&-Run Leaves 2 Pedestrians Injured
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