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Beaver Co. Child Remains On Life Support After Sustaining Injury

BEAVER FALLS (KDKA) -- An 8-month-old baby from Beaver County remains on life support today as police continue to investigate how the child was injured.

Neighbors in the Morado Dwellings housing complex in Beaver Falls are watching, hoping and praying that the child, who was injured on Thursday, will survive.

The child was in the care of the father, and the mother was reportedly at work at the time.

Investigators say the father told police that the baby fell. He then went to his next door neighbor's apartment and borrowed her cell phone to call 911.

"They just moved in," said Martha Frank, the family's neighbor. "They've been here maybe a little over a month and I didn't know really their name except they spoke a couple times and that was it."

A short time later, police and paramedics showed up and took the baby away in an ambulance.

"The baby, like, he was like, lifeless like," said Frank. "He was like, you know, like unconscious I guess because there wasn't any moving or anything from the baby and that was it."

Police interviewed the father Thursday.

KDKA's Bob Allen reports that the police chief, without elaborating, said they are waiting for the results from some sort of test before the decision is made on whether or not charges will be filed.

Beaver Fall Police Department
8-Month-Old Baby Found Unresponsive In Beaver Falls

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