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Alleged Bathroom Bullying Incident At Valley High School Under Investigation By Police And School District

WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) -- Police say the hallways of Valley High School became a place of horrific bullying for one student.

Isaiah Parks may have been born with a hole in his heart, but his mother said it was a heart always full of love.

"He was the most sweetest, kind, caring person you could ever meet. He had a heart of gold," said Devon Schulz, Isaiah's mom.

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That is what makes what allegedly happened to Parks at Valley High School during the last weeks of his short life further hurt his mom's already broken heart. Confused and sad, Parks told his mother one day after coming home from school:

"I was in the bathroom and somebody went and put a garbage can on my head. I got wet, there was syrup. I was sticky," Schulz said.

The alleged incident is one of several the New Kensington-Arnold School District and police are investigating.

"I wish the bullying would stop, especially with these special kids that are wonderful and beautiful," Schulz said.

Earlier this week, the district announced a new e-hall pass system allowing for better accountability of where students are when they leave the classroom. The hope is that it can cut down on incidents like what Schulz said happened to her son.

However, she said while that may help, the change needs to happen in kids' hearts.

"Think deep down, what's this going to lead to in your future? You going to look back and be like why did I do that? A now a week later, my son passed. So what did you get out of that?" she said.

The district said those responsible for what allegedly happened to Parks could face serious punishment. As for his death, his mother said it was connected to his heart condition, not the bullying.

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