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Bank Courier Vehicle Loses Thousands In Cash On Route 19

UPPER ST. CLAIR (KDKA) -- A witness says money was flying through the air and people were snapping the bills up after a bank courier van spilled a couple hundred thousand dollars onto Route 19 in Upper Saint Clair.

Michael Evans says he noticed two men next to a black truck picking up bags.

Unsure of what was going on, Evans himself grabbed $60 but later turned it over to police.

Upper Saint Clair Police say they're giving the people who scooped up the cash a little time to come to their senses, but after that, someone could be charged with theft if they don't come forward.

The van driver, from Fidelity Courier Services in Sharon, didn't realize a back door had flung open and bags of cash were flying out until a passing driver alerted him, according to police. At least one bag burst open, sending bills flying into the air.

Evans says a crowd quickly assembled.

By the time the driver turned around, all of the money except $400 had been scooped up.

Fidelity Courier Services is offering a reward to get the money back, but a man who answered the phone there Wednesday night could not say how much the reward is worth.

Upper Saint Clair Police are asking anyone with information to please give them a call.

When asked if this was a case of finders keepers, Lt. James Englert said, "Absolutely not. Not in this case."

Stay with KDKA for the latest developments.

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