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School Security Guard Hospitalized After Trying To Break Up Student Fight

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BALDWIN (KDKA) -- A fight inside Baldwin High School cafeteria sent a school security guard to the hospital Friday.

Fists were being thrown, students were kicking one another, and it all unfolded in the cafeteria during lunch.

Security guards tried to intervene to break up the fight but were pulled to the ground in what became a large group of students punching and kicking one another.

Multiple pairs of students can be seen in videos of the fight. The cell phone footage shows many girls fighting on the ground as their shoes are pulled off. A school security guard can also be seen trying to restrain a student while pulling a pair of girls away from one another. The security guard also appears to be kicked in the head and punched in the head.

school guard baldwin fight
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In the background, at least three other girls can be seen punching, pulling and grabbing one another in the video while another security guard intervenes.

During the start of the big brawl in the high school cafeteria, the security guard can be seen trying to hold back a female student wearing a white shirt, but is pulled to the ground. Then a second guard is seen trying to hold another teen girl back, but is unable to restrain her.

Soon, an entire group of girls are on the ground, relentlessly punching and hitting, all while the security guard lies underneath the mayhem.

KDKA has blurred the images of the teens, who all appear to be girls, in order to protect their identities because they are minors. Two ambulances were called to the high school. At least one security guard was hospitalized.

A spokesperson Dr. Randal Lutz's office, the Superintendent of Schools in the Baldwin-Whitehall District released a statement Friday night:

"A fight among students took place this afternoon, Friday, February 22, 2019 at Baldwin High School resulting in swift response from school personnel.

All students involved are subject to full disciplinary measures as established by our School District policies as well as those by the law enforcement officials also involved in the incident.

These actions will not be tolerated, nor will any actions of violence of any kind, within our school communities."

A school spokesperson says the high school security guard remains hospitalized but is "very stable" according to the district. The superintendent visited the guard at the hospital and had nothing but high praise for the guard, adding "the world needs more people like him."

The Baldwin-Whitehall District says full disciplinary measures will be taken against a group of students and that law enforcement is also involved. It is unclear what started the fight.

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