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Bald eagle rescued in Pittsburgh takes flight wild after long journey to recover

Only egg in Hays bald eagle nest cracks
Only egg in Hays bald eagle nest cracks 03:00

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A bald eagle rescued in Pittsburgh flew back into open skies after a winding nine-month road to recovery.

The 3-year-old eagle nicknamed "Hera" was released on Saturday. "Watching Hera return to the wide open skies was described by those present as an emotional moment that both touched the heart and moved the spirit," the Tamarack Wildlife Center wrote in a Facebook post. 

Hera's journey to recovery began in June after she was found on the ground near Lawrenceville and was taken to Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh's wildlife center to receive treatment for a concussion and lead toxicity. 

Bald Eagle Soars Free after Long Journey to Recovery Three year old Bald Eagle, nicknamed Hera, flew into open skies on...

Posted by Tamarack Wildlife Center on Monday, April 15, 2024

She recovered from those issues but was sent to the Tamarack Wildlife Center in Crawford County after she injured her foot and the wound became infected. In a blog post, the wildlife center said healing the wound took intensive specialized care. 

Just as she was almost out of the woods after months of treatment, the wildlife center said Hera, who is "a particularly powerful eagle both physically and in attitude," launched herself at a wall, breaking a bone.  

After intensive treatment valued at $20,000, Hera recovered and was released on Saturday. The wildlife center said the moment her carrier door opened, she took a few steps to check out her surroundings, then "burst" into flight.  

"Strong winds lifted the wings of this powerful and inquisitive eagle, ready to soar again," the wildlife center wrote on Facebook.

The organization said it was a privilege to treat Hera, who is now back in the open skies where she belongs.

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