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Bad Shopping Habits (#8 We All Do)

Now is the time that it seems like everyone is shopping, whether it's for a new school year or you're getting your fall wardrobe prepared. But this post is not about the "necessary" shopping, this post is all about those bad shopping habits that most of us aren't aware we have. Don't worry I'm not telling you that you can't shop anymore, better yet I'm giving you tips on how to be smarter about it. Take a look below, do you have any bad shopping habits?

1) Trying to keep up with Kim K, Beyonce or fancy bloggers. They can afford Chanel and Celine bags, we can't.

My Advice: Save up for one nice purse and buy it in a neutral color, take care of it and resell it to purchase another nice purse.

2)  Buying things that don't fit your style. Think about your lifestyle. If you don't wear heels you don't need an expensive pair.

My Advice: Think about cost per wear- how many times you wear it vs. cost

3) Getting caught up and spending a lot of money on one-season wonders.

My Advice: Buy a cheaper version if you absolutely have to have it.

4) You keep buying the same exact stuff. (You don't need 15 striped shirts or 4 LBDs!)

My Advice: Think about what you need before you walk into the store and always ask yourself if you have something similar before buying. This goes for items and colors.

5) You forget to return items that don't fit or you realize aren't your style.

My Advice: Stop forgetting… or sell the item on eBay and try and get some money.

6) Being a retail snob.

My Advice: A real fashionista can make anything look good with the right accessories so don't be scared to look. Thrift stores, Marshalls, Forever 21, or sometimes even those teen-type stores you see in the mall can have great deals.

7) Not knowing when to buy certain items.

My Advice: Shop items when they're not in season, you'll get better deals because stores need to clear out inventory for the new season. For example: Shop jackets in February, shop swimsuits in August and shop jeans in October.

8) Letting your emotions dictate your shopping.

My Advice: Don't shop when you're really happy or really angry… you'll end up buying a lot of stuff you don't need. Find smarter ways to reward yourself. ­­

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay

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