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Backstage On The NKOTB / BSB Tour

The New Kids On The Block and The Backstreet Boys played at Consol Energy Center and I was lucky enough to film some backstage action! Two old friends of mine were present on this tour, Michael "FISH" Herring (the lead guitarist on the tour) and the one and only, Donnie Walhberg.

Backstage Of The NKOTB / BSB Tour by CWBrandi on YouTube

In the video above, "FISH" takes me backstage and shows me where he would rock out on stage during the show, his dressing room, AND you will also find my reunion with Donnie. I even ran into a few Pittsburgh's CW fans at Consol that also made the vid! Make sure you watch the end for post show reactions!

Check out TWO more videos below!!

Interview With The Band of the NKOTB / BSB Tour by CWBrandi on YouTube

I got to sit down with the amazing band on tour with the NKOTB and BSB who have worked with artists such as Prince, Christina Aguilera and Stevie Wonder! See what Rob Lewis, Stanley Randolph, Ethan "Ebassman" and Michael "Fish" Herring have to say about the NKOTB/BSB tour, other artists, advice on making in the music industry, and MORE!

Tour Bus Tour With "Ebassman" by CWBrandi on YouTube

Ethan "Ebassman" Farmer give me a full tour of the tour bus! We even peek in the refrigerator. If you've always wondering what it looks like inside, watch this video! Remember, they are on this bus for 3 months! Could you do it?

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