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Ask The Leaders: Police Chief, Walmart & More

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - Where is the new city of Pittsburgh Police chief? Should Walmart come to McCandless? Why was the UPMC lawsuit dropped?

Those are just some of the questions addressed in this month's Ask the Leaders with Mayor Bill Peduto and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald.

Ask The Leaders Part 1

Why is the Bayer sign coming down?

Mayor Peduto addressed the issue and explained that this is not his decision, but the decision of the company. He says they feel they need to change it. According to Mayor Peduto, the sign hasn't been changed in 20 years, and right now, the city doesn't have public money to give them for the sign.

An avid bike rider presented a problem to Fitzgerald. The cyclist is worried about speeding vehicles in North Park. He says that it's only a matter of time before an accident happens.

Fitzgerald responded by stating that he was happy this issue was brought to light. He says he's going to make sure that speeding is enforced in the area.

Ask The Leaders Part 2

Should Walmart come to McCandless?

Fitzgerald thinks that it's going to bring more good to the region than bad. He acknowledges that the street is very populated and that's why he has been planning to expand the lanes and give more of a shoulder to protect the people in the area. He adds that there will probably be a significant impact on traffic.

Why did you decide to drop the UPMC lawsuit?

Mayor Peduto addressed that if he would have been in office the lawsuit would have been different. He said that the city actually lost payments from the non-profits during this time and it ended up stopping a dialogue of agreement between UPMC and Highmark.

He says that they need to determine a long-term solution more than just giving us a check.

Ask The Leaders Part 3

Where's the new Police Chief?

Mayor Peduto announced that today was the last day for applicants and he hoped that very soon they would find their match. But while the city waits, he feels very confident in the new Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Stephen Bucar to handle any issues that the public needs. Bucar was a former FBI special agent.

Ask The Leaders Part 4

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